• AV Set - Generali
      Convention Generali - Palalottomatica Rome
    • AV Set - Enel Montecarlo
      Enel Montecarlo
    • AV Set - Credem - Bologna
      Credem - Bologna
    • AV Set - Enel Expo 2015
      Enel Expo 2015
    • AV Set - Foro di Cesare
      Foro di Cesare
    • AV Set - Enel Barcellona
      Enel Barcellona
    • AV Set - Coni
    • AV Set - ERICSSON
    • AV Set - Wind
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    • AV Set -
    • AV Set - ENEL
    • AV Set - EXPO 2008
    • AV Set - Expo 2012
    • AV Set - FLORIADE 2012
    • AV Set - GRANAI
    • AV Set - H3G
    • AV Set - ALITALIA
    • AV Set - MAXXI
    • AV Set - NISSAN
    • AV Set - POSTE
    • AV Set - RAI
    • AV Set - ROLEX
    • AV Set - TIM
    • AV Set - TRE TENORI
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    • AV Set - VODAPHONE


AV Set is a leader in the research, application and development of innovative audiovisual systems. AV Set also serves as a laboratory of technologies and solutions, which offers customized communication services that are attractive and emotionally engaging.

Our mission is to satisfy the requests of communicators, designers, experts in tv and movie productions, as well as companies and organizations, and to make every event into an unique and exceptional occasion.

Our company guides the client during each phase of a communication project, from first contact to requirements analysis, application development and the management of services and infrastructures.


AV Set efficiently works in conferences, meetings, exhibitions and museums, concerts as well as in stores, concept stores, shop windows and in new consumer locations like malls, airports, squares and wellness centers.

Keeping in mind the strategic objectives of the client and its marketing and communication requirements, the professionals of AV Set provide:

  • Visually stunning technological solutions
  • Special effects to enhance corporate or product communication
  • Innovative communication systems that are highly impressive as well as technically advanced
  • Custom audio-visual setups for entertainment and info-entertainment purposes

TV/Movie Technology

AV Set provides the technical infrastructure and audio-visual solutions for television broadcasting, and supports television and film productions with digital scenery and special effects. In this particular area AV Set, which is also involved in the production of audio-visual materials, collaborates with all the major television networks and the major film production brands, both in Italy and abroad.

    • AV Set - Autostrade per l'Italia
      Autostrade per l'ItaliaAV Set - Autostrade per l'ItaliaAV Set - PDF approfondimento Autostrade per l'Italia
    • AV Set - studio sky
      studio sky TG24AV Set - studio sky
    • AV Set - Globe Soccer Awards 2013
      Globe Soccer Awards 2013AV Set - Globe Soccer Awards 2013
    • AV Set - LA 7
    • AV Set -
    • AV Set - RAI
    • AV Set - Mediaset
    • AV Set - Sky

Equipment for Events

AV Set offers a wide range of services for communication events, ranging from the rental of the latest audio-visual equipment to the "turnkey" provision of a complete technical infrastructure.

AV Set takes care of all the activity pertaining to the technical management of an event, both indoors and outdoors, in Italy and abroad, offering:

  • Hardware and software infrastructure provision
  • Design and technical management of audio-visual effects
  • Cross-platform management of network communications, and of audio/video broadcasting in analog or digital form, also via satellite
  • Indoor and outdoor LED screen displays
  • Production and post-production of video and graphics, from shooting to mastering

    • AV Set - Generali
      Convention Generali - Palalottomatica Roma
    • AV Set - Enel Montecarlo
      Enel Montecarlo
    • AV Set - Credem - Bologna
      Credem - Bologna
    • AV Set - Ericsson 2015
      Ericsson 2015AV Set - Ericsson 2015
    • AV Set - Genesys
    • AV Set - BNL BNP Paribas
      BNL BNP Paribas
    • AV Set - Enel Londra
      Enel Londra
    • AV Set - Enel Barcellona
      Enel Barcellona
    • AV Set - Aiot
      Evento AiotAV Set - Aiot
    • AV Set - Enel Istanbul
      Enel Istanbul 2014
    • AV Set - Ericsson Venezia
      Ericsson VeneziaAV Set - Ericsson Venezia
    • AV Set - Coni

Video installations

Among the services that AV Set provides to ensure dynamic and spectacular communication in any venue, be it commercial or an exhibition space, there are consulting, design, installation and management of systems based on digital-signage technology.

This innovation permits to remotely control a network of Plasma or led displays to broadcast high quality video and graphics, animations, photographic images, text and lettering, allowing real time management of all content.

    • AV Set - Expo Astana 2017
      Expo Astana 2017AV Set - Expo Astana 2017AV Set - Expo Astana 2017
    • AV Set - Tiffany & Co
      Tiffany & Co - RomaAV Set - Tiffany & Co
    • AV Set - Enel Expo
      Pavilion Enel Milano Expo 2015AV Set - Enel Expo
    • AV Set - Foro di Cesare - Roma
      Foro di Cesare - RomaAV Set - Foro di Cesare - Roma
    • AV Set - Foro di Augusto
      Foro di AugustoAV Set - Foro di Augusto
    • AV Set - allestimento Zetema unesco
      Allestimento Unesco Stazione San PietroAV Set - allestimento Zetema unescoAV Set - allestimento Zetema unesco
    • AV Set - Ara Pacis
      Ara PacisAV Set - Ara Pacis
    • AV Set - Expo Korea
      Expo Korea 2012AV Set - Expo Korea
    • AV Set - Rolex
      Rolex BaselwordAV Set - Rolex
    • AV Set - Sanguineti
      Mostra dell'Innovazione - Ara Pacis - RomaAV Set - Sanguineti
    • AV Set - Expo Saragozza
      Expo SaragozzaAV Set - Expo Saragozza
    • AV Set - 150 anni repubblica italiana
      150 anni Repubblica ItalianaAV Set - 150 anni repubblica italiana
    • AV Set - Modigliani
      Mostra Modigliani - Museo Vittoriano, RomeAV Set - Modigliani


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